The very things we assume to be stable no longer are. We must change what we do and how we do it in order to respond to the rapidly changing situations.

Climate change is being reported everywhere often with some unexpected consequences. It is impacting food supplies. People in “rich countries” are going short of food while at the same time obesity is on the increase. Financial markets are “betting” on future food production , thus driving up costs.

Countries are increasingly shifting away from the US dollar as the primary reserve currency. The masses are increasingly dissatisfied with leaving solutions to those who govern and social disruption, often violent, is increasing.

The number of flights people make is increasing worldwide, while people are driving less miles by car.

Volatility in weather, financial markets, social wellbeing is increasing. The longer term trends are harder to predict. The temptation, and often the reward, is to react to the short term, to fix the immediate problem rather than address the root causes. Sharing our knowledge and learning with our peers becomes more necessary to thrive in an era of complexity.



This website offers an introduction to Geoff Parcell, an experienced coach and facilitator who can help you with organisational learning and change.

Here’s what his customers say about him:

“Geoff has clear expertise in the area of KM and a willingness to pass his knowledge on.”

“He gets things done and delivers on promises.”

“He possesses a unique skill in the ability to pose probing questions in the right way to help build greater clarity of purpose and to help groups generate their own solutions."

“Courage of opinions, honesty of feedback.”

“He tends to lead by example. I've seen him very effectively model and mirror the kind of behaviours that we're trying to encourage.”