Track Record

Geoff has a track record for delivering results and for making a difference.

He is comfortable working with all levels of the organisation.

He helps identify the existing strengths of the organisation and the gaps that need to be filled.

He can help make the organisations know-how widely available for reuse.

He has a variety of techniques that will consciously move you from know-how to delivery.

His achievements include:

  1. He has co-written “Learning to Fly”, the best selling knowledge management book and also a second book “No More Consultants” which questions our use of consultants when the knowledge resides with our staff. 

  2. He contributed to savings of $200 million per year by encouraging the sharing of knowledge to improve Operations Excellence across BP.

  3. He has guided organisations to develop KM strategies that are aligned with their business strategy.

  4. He facilitated Government offices to assess their strengths and weaknesses regarding knowledge sharing. He helped them apply the self assessment approach to identify strengths in Analytical Capability.

  5. He has helped build and enliven networks and communities of practice within and between organisations.

  6. He has shared his techniques for sharing knowledge around the world for a variety of organisations on a range of topics including health, agriculture, early childhood development, partnering and project management.

  7. He has delivered motivational talks and facilitated interactive sessions at Conferences.

  8. He has provided business advice using knowledge management approaches to commercial businesses, HM Government, United Nations, and the World Health Organisation.

  9. He has helped introduce the AIDS Competence approach, based on KM principles, to many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, India, and South America to help reduce the spread of malaria and the HIV epidemic globally.

  10. He has coached senior managers to deliver business goals and individuals to make life and career changes.

  11. He has developed an understanding of how innovation works inside a large organisation and helped develop a leadership programme to build capacity to innovate.

Here’s what his customers say about him

“Geoff has clear expertise in the area of KM and a willingness to pass his knowledge on.”

“ A most sincere thank you for your outstanding contribution to our conference last week. The feedback has been excellent and the value of your external perspective was commented on.”

“Geoff has an effective knowledge-transfer style combined with a large measure of self-management and supervision which combine to make him a great asset in a busy team.”

“Geoff was able to effectively illustrate what KM is in a nutshell, and in the process provided some useful pointers for the practical application of KM techniques—entertaining and informative.”

“I thought Geoff provided very practical examples that could be easily applied in a workplace.

“He gets things done and delivers on promises.”

“He tends to lead by example... I've seen him very effectively model and mirror the kind of behaviours that we're trying to encourage.”

“Before Geoff joined the team, AIDS Competence was a lofty goal. His work resulted in a robust approach towards AIDS Competence, which is now being shared worldwide.”

“Courage of opinions, honesty of feedback.”

“A credible external presence.”

“He possesses a unique skill in the ability to pose probing questions in the right way to help build greater clarity of purpose and to help groups generate their own solutions."